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Our lives seem so infinite as we live them.

Then, before we know it, we’re running down the dark hallway.

The doors are all locked, and the options you once had have all run out.

There are no second chances to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Either you are, or you don’t.

Every second that passes is another moment added to the list of tedious necessity, but for what?

What happened to wandering the world, and getting lost in it?

What happened to the possibility found sprawling out beneath the stars?

There were endless dreams in these fingers.

Now, surrendering to the monotony, falling into pace with the normalcy of it all.

But even at the very bottom of the blackest black, beneath the dirt and stone and flesh and bone, there’s a light.

Follow it up and up and up and out again, into the fresh air of the perhaps.

There is still time to dance and scream and jump into the icy oceans, frothing and splashing and springing forth into your newborn freedom.

There is still time to fight the mighty battle of Everest all the way to the top, trumpeting life out into the silence and listening to it drop and roll back down into the valley below.

There is still time to sail your carrack into the great beyond with adventure blowing you forth, swallowing you down, down, down into the great belly where a sleeping Jonah awakens.

There’s still time to hear the lock click shut on the Pont Des Art bridge, setting your love in the plaster of time.  Hiding away for a month in the studio covered with ivy, beneath blankets and sheets.  Laughing, touching inside and outside, drinking coffee on the terrace naked and unashamed.  Making plans and promises you both know you’ll never keep.

There’s still time to step into the temples of Kyoto, blanketed by the scent of the cherry blossoms. Making your way over the sprawling cypress root into the delicate porcelain hands of painted history.

There’s still time for living.

There’s time to get lost in it all, brave vagabonds.

Pack a bag.

Lay your souls out onto the open road with your books,

and your Bibles.

and your logic…

and your madness to keep you.

But be quick.

There is but a moment left now.

You have but one more second above the surface.

Gasp a breath, you’ll lose nothing, and everything.

Dive in, before the anchor takes you.

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