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The Next Few Weeks

We've scheduled Ellies jaw distraction surgery for Monday. After meeting with all of her doctors and specialists it just seems like the next obvious step. She is scheduled to go in around 11 and it could be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours long depending on how intubation and a number of other factors go.

Once the surgery is complete, she will remain intubated until doctors are confident that her airway is secure. They will begin the process of "microturning" the pins which will push her little jaw forward, giving her jaw time to repair and adapt. This process will take anywhere from 10 to 14 days for her. Once finished, if she's able to eat well on her own, and the sleep studies on her breathing come back clear, she should be able to come home.

The hardware will stay with her for a few months until they're confident everything was a success. At that point, they can remove the tiny pins (they will be behind her ears) and she should be good to go until her surgery at around 12 months to fix her cleft palate.

We will have to work at eating. She won't be able to actually nurse because of the cleft, so there are special bottles we will use for her and I will exclusively be pumping. Praying she's able to do well with this, otherwise a g-tube could be on the table as a last resort.

Lots coming up for Ellie and our little family. We need all the prayers we can get. Thank you all for loving us and her so much.

She's the strongest, fiercest little thing I've ever known before, and I'm so proud to be her mom. ♥️

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